silent place

i'm frustrated


good morning, it's currently almost 7am where i live, and i have not slept a minute. instead i've been trying to code another website, but that has not gone too well. first of all, i have no idea how to decide what i actually want to do with it. second of all, i don't know how to do whatever i was planning on doing. and third of all, i tried to draw something for it with no success.

i was maybe thinking on going with a gloomy vibe, but then again, who wants to follow that? and then i thought, i already have one website, why do i need a second one? but then again, i was feeling creative and what would be better than letting my creativity flow??? well, i'm here now, with no new website and only frustration to keep me company. i don't think i'm very content with my current site, silent place, but i don't know how to make it better, either. also so many people have already seen it...

well, i guess sleep would be good, maybe tomorrow (today) when i wake up i suddenly have new ideas!! and i promise the next blog post will be more positive, this one is just me letting some steam and thoughts out. a very good start for a blog, indeed.

- silence